4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder, Chocolate, 2-Pounds

  • 24 Grams of Protein Per Scoop.
  • Delivers Sustained Release of Muscle-Building amino acids.
  • Leucine enriched formula for enhanced muscle-building results.
  • Packed with 100% micellar casein for proven anabolic & Anti-catabolic effects.
  • Perfect “between-meal” & night-time muscle-building protein.
  • 4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder Contains the Nutrients Your Body Needs to Build Lean Muscle Mass without the unwanted added ingredients.
  • Our production facility is EU (European Union), cgmp and haccp certified The result, 4dn micellar casein is a truly superior product that meets or exceeds the strictest standards in the world.
  • Flavor: Chocolate.
  • Container Size: 30 Servings.
  • 4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein – NET WEIGHT: 2-Pounds
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4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Description

Casein is a superior muscle-building protein source that delivers proven anabolic and anti-catabolic effects with every serving. Countless pro bodybuilders and athletes use casein supplements as a staple in their routine because casein protein has proven to be beneficial for stimulating muscle protein synthesis and activating muscle recovery, growth, and repair. What makes casein a unique source of protein is its researched ability to deliver a Prolonged and Sustained Release of Muscle-Building Amino Acids between meals or during the late hours of the night.

4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein is researched and formulated to be the highest quality, most completely effective casein formula available anywhere! When creating this ultra-pure casein formula, the 4 Dimension Nutrition researchers spared no expense. The cutting edge 4 Dimension casein formula is Loaded With 100% the USA Sourced Micellar Casein – an ultra-premium protein powerhouse! But the research team didn’t stop there! To ensure each and every serving worked as hard as you do to build muscle, 4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder was Enhanced With More Than 9 Grams of Micronized BCAAs including 2.2 Grams of Anabolic Leucine Per Dose! The end result? A complete, ultra-pure muscle-building casein protein formula that sets the standard for all others to live up to! On top of all that, 4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder tastes as good as it is effective! Each satisfying serving goes down as good as a delicious milkshake and that’s a guarantee. If you’re a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or a hard training athlete looking for sustained anabolic action from a premium, scientifically inspired protein source, 4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder is absolutely the answer for you!

4 Dimension Nutrition Micellar Casein Powder, Chocolate, 2-Pounds


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