Amazing Formulas L-Glutamine Tablets Supplement – 1000mg 240 Tablets

  • ULTRA CONCENTRATED Each of All Amazing Formulas glutamine tablets provides a 1000mg Dose of L-Glutamine, giving you the most optimum dosage of the amino acid!
  • WHY MIX MESSY GLUTAMINE POWDERS? Our glutamine 1000 caps make it easy to supplement your body’s natural supply of L-Glutamine.
  • 100% PURE L-GLUTAMINE Our glutamine tablets are free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. We add only 100% pure L-Glutamine in every tablet.
  • Supports Muscle Tissue.
  • Supports Immune Function.
  • Assists Recovery From Workouts.
  • All Amazing Formulas supplements are manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), among the highest standards in the world.
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Amazing Formulas L-Glutamine Description

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is found naturally in the human body and that is stored primarily in the muscle tissue. Your body relies on glutamine to perform many important tasks.

Glutamine is perhaps the body’s Most Versatile Amino Acid. It is the most abundant amino acid present in muscle tissue and thus essential for healthy skeletal and cardiac muscle function.
L-glutamine promotes the production of proteins and the development of protein-building structures in the cells Assists with the development of new muscle cells Aids in the repair of muscles following exercise Supports immune system activity to help fight germs that cause illnesses and infections. Investigations suggest that intensive training sessions cause natural glutamine stores in the muscles to become depleted. As a result, health care professionals frequently recommend that athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts that workout frequently use a glutamine supplement to replenish their bodies’ supply of the L-Glutamine amino acid more rapidly.

Amazing Formulas L-Glutamine 1000mg Capsules makes it easy to increase glutamine levels in the muscles. Each of All Amazing Formulas Glutamine Tablets Provides a 1000mg Dose of L-Glutamine, giving you the most optimum dosage of the L-Glutamine! Unlike powder supplements, Amazing Formulas glutamine Capsules do not require any mixing or stirring. You can take the glutamine Capsules with a glass of water and get on with your workout or your day. Also, Amazing Formulas glutamine 1000 caps are free of sugar and artificial sweeteners and flavors! Simplify sports and fitness nutrition with the easy-to-take l glutamine supplement solution.

Size:240 Count (Pack of 1)


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