Animal Stak – The Complete Anabolic Stack – 21 Packs – 1 Month Cycle

  • Animal Stak is a Natural Testosterone Booster For Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes.
  • Natural Hormone Booster Supplement with Tribulus and GH Support Complex.
  • Helps Block the Estrogen with ingredients like resveratrol.
  • Dosed conveniently in our signature packs and adds the convenience of individual packs that you can grab and go. No more messing around with scoops and powders take your packs and go.
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Animal Stak Description

Animal Stak is developed For Bodybuilders and Elite Strength Athletes that are looking to break through plateaus and personal records. It has an cutting-edge formula, non-hormonal, anabolic supplements utilizing natural hormone boosters. Animal Stak is the testosterone optimizer with GH support, hormone amplifiers, and restorative support.

Many hormone complexes stop with hormone production.  Animal Stak also Has an Anti-Aromatase Complex that helps blocks the conversion of hormones to estrogen.

Paired up with a hormone amplifying blend and restorative support complex, Animal Stak is everything you need in a Hormone Support Supplement.

Animal has been trusted by professional athletes around the world for over 30 years. When you need to achieve your highest standards, don’t leave anything to chance. Take what the pros take. You train hard, you eat right, so why take a chance on the supplements you use?

Take one pack daily for 3 weeks straight. On training days, take it 30-60 minutes before your workout, on non-training days take it on an empty stomach between meals. Easy, convenient, effective. After 3 straight weeks of use, cycle off for 1 week before starting another cycle of Stak.

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