BASE Performance Hydro – Watermelon | 644 Grams – 28 Servings

  • PERFECT HYDRATION SOLUTION FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE: With 75% Less Sugar and 4X More Electrolytes than leading sports drinks.
  • QUICKLY RESTORE ELECTROLYTES: Hydration is key to recovery and Hydralyte is a rapid and effective way to fight dehydration symptoms.
  • CLINICAL HYDRATION: Hydralyte’s science-based formula is based on the World Health Organization’s criteria for effective rehydration, containing the Ideal Balance of Glucose & Electrolytes For Rapid Rehydration.
  • BASE Performance Hydro Free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
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BASE Performance Hydro Description

BASE Performance Hydro’s Triple source blend of Maltodextrin, Fructose, and Dextrose that maximize uptake and utilization while reducing gastrointestinal distress. Maltodextrin is a chain of multiple glucose molecules, which provides an efficient and sustainable source of energy. Fructose is a simple sugar that is quickly absorbed and utilized in the body. When ingested with glucose, it enhances the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract, not only increasing available energy, but reducing gastrointestinal distress. Sodium Chloride is absorbed in the body and converted into sodium and chloride, two of the main electrolytes that Enable the Functioning of Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac and Brain Cells. They also promote the optimal absorption of water.

BASE Performance Hydro’s key electrolytes Ensure Proper Absorption of Water and Reduce Muscle Cramps. Together, this combination Provides the 0ptimal Hydration Source during high-intensity and/or prolonged physical activities.

You’ll stay hydrated and fueled, enabling you to push farther with maximum energy. Plus its great taste and 80 calories per serving will keep you coming back for more.

BASE Performance Hydro’s Each bag is 23 ounces with 28 servings. Each serving size is 1 Scoop or 22.91 Grams.
Flavor: Watermelon


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