Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine Powder, Unflavored, 300g, 60 Servings

  • 5000 mg of pure, fermented micronized L-Glutamine Powder.
  • Supports and assists in muscle cell repair after exercise and promotes immune and digestive system health after periods of physical stress or exercise.
  • Micronized For Improved Solubility and increased absorption
    No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Suitable For Vegan Athletes (fermented from plant sources), non-GMO, gluten-free diets, and peanut allergies.
  • No sugar, fat, carbs, fillers, additives, or excipients.
  • NSF Contents Tested & Certified to ensure that every bottle meets the highest safety and quality standards and that all claims and information on the label are accurate.
  • Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine Powder is Unflavored for stacking versatility.
  • Size: 300grams, 60 Servings
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Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine Description

Bodylogix L-Glutamine delivers 5000 mg of non-GMO, Pure Micronized L-Glutamine, the most abundant free amino acid in skeletal muscle, known to support and help protect muscle tissue.
Optimize muscle cell repair and recovery with Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine, a 100% pure, vegan formula. As one of the most important building blocks of protein, L-Glutamine is an essential nutrient in Stimulating Muscle Growth and Athletic Endurance.

L-Glutamine helps to prevent tissue breakdown and supports muscle recovery. Fermented from non-GMO plant sources, L-Glutamine fuels cells for boosted immunity and supports digestive health and gut function during periods of intense stress or exercise. A favorite of high-performance athletes and bodybuilders, Bodylogix L-Glutamine is micronized for improved solubility and rapid absorption.

Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine Powder is Unflavored  for Stacking Versatility, and it is also free from preservatives, fillers, dyes, colors, or sweeteners. Third-party testing and certification by NSF ensure product purity, potency, and label claim. When it comes to fueling your body, you get out what you put in.

Bodylogix Micronized L-Glutamine Powder is for athletes and individuals looking to improve muscle cell repair and recovery or to support gut health during intense training.

Adults: Micronized L-Glutamine can be blended into your post-workout smoothie. Alternatively, simply shake or stir it into cold water or your favorite beverage.

Size:10.58 Ounce (Pack of 1)


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