BSN NO-Xplode Pre-Workout Energy Supplement, Blue Raz, 60 Servings

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  • PRE-WORKOUT IGNITER – legendary pre-workout with industry heritage that has been Helping Athletes Train Harder since 2004.
  • Advanced Ingredient Formula.
  • BSN NO-Xplode Each container contains 60 Servings.
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BSN NO-Xplode Description

This New and improved NO-Xplode is now better than the previous version and features a more concentrated and advanced ingredient technology, re-engineered to assist in you defeating your previous personal best and push you past your limits. Athletes that have used NO-Xplode have stated that this new formula has delivered Muscle Pumps, Explosive Energy, Rapid Strength Gains, Maximized Performance, and Enhanced Recovery.

BSN has formulated this Pre Workout to produce More Energy Via Tyrosine, more strength and power with the inclusion of creatine, extra alertness and focus with the inclusion of caffeine, Greater Endurance Via Beta-Alanine, and finally an electrolyte blend to support better hydration and continued high performance even under fatigue.

This Pre-Workout Supplement should be used strictly before workouts. For best results, we recommend cycling off for one week every 4-6 weeks.

Flavor: Blue Raz
Size: 60 Servings (Pack of 1)

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1 review for BSN NO-Xplode Pre-Workout Energy Supplement, Blue Raz, 60 Servings

  1. michael

    This pre-workout is safe for anyone without underlying health conditions, or anyone particularly sensitive to caffeine intake(one scoop is an incredible 275mg of caffeine). On the first time using it just do half a scoop to see how you handle it. The label warns against taking more than two scoops at any time.

    Just got myself another container of this stuff, tried it back then too, and absolutely loved it as well. Insane how much caffeine is in one scoop yet in some way or another doesn’t make you jittery or irritated.

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