Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate Shake, 1.8 Pound, 18 Servings

  • One of the most popular whey protein in the market.
  • 30 Grams of Protein Per Serving.
  • Contains three types of Whey protein.
  • Inhibits Muscle Breakdown.
  • 6.6g of BCAAs to fuel muscle recovery and growth.
  • Fast digesting and fast-absorbing.
  • Low in Fat and Sugar.
  • Low in Calories.
  • Banned Substance Tested & Gluten Free.
  • Flavor: Chocolate Shake.
  • 18 servings of athlete’s whey.
  • Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein – NET WEIGHT: 1.8 lb
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Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein Description

Make the most of your workouts with Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein Powder specifically designed for healthy adults looking for a fast release high-quality protein to improve their recovery after exercise as well as anyone seeking a protein low in fats and carbs with great flavor to make dieting easier. Each serving of Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein Powder is packed with 30 g Of High-Quality, Fast-Digesting, and Absorbing Whey Protein, without any added supplements, to support even the most rigorous athletic and fitness goals. Athlete’s whey is formulated by in-house research and development scientists by carefully selecting ingredients that meet our high-quality standards and Specifications.

All Dymatize’s athlete’s whey protein powders are Instantized For Easy Mixing ensuring that you get world-class taste and consistency from every serving. Athlete’s whey flavors are developed in-house so they are delicious every time you enjoy an athlete’s whey shake. Think of it as an indulgent, smart reward for your hard work and dedication.

Dymatize protein powders are always Manufactured In GMP Certified Facilities, meaning that all ingredients and final products are rigorously tested and validated clean and safe. They are banned substance tested for athlete’s reassurance by Informed-Choice.

Directions for Dymatize Athletes Whey Protein:
Add 1 level scoop of Athlete’s Whey to 5-6 ounces of water or milk. Stir, Shake or blend for 20 seconds, or until completely dispersed, then drink immediately.

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