Endurox – Post Workout Muscle Recovery, Tangy Orange, 4.56 lbs

  • ALL IN ONE RECOVERY FORMULA All-Natural Formula With Whey and Soy Proteins.
  • Endurox Increases protein synthesis by 400%.
  • Increases glycogen replenishment by 200%.
  • Endurox Post Workout Decreases muscle damage by 50%.
  • Extends endurance by 55% in a subsequent workout.
  • Branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine, arginine, and glutamine) compliment the whey and soy proteins to create the Ideal Protein Blend For Better Recovery.
  • Whey protein is rapidly absorbed, fast-acting, and contains a high percentage of specific amino acids known to improve exercise performance.
  • Optimal 4:1 c=Carbohydrate/Protein Profile with less sugar enhances hydration, increases endurance, starts the rebuilding process of muscles damaged during exercise, and speeds up muscle recovery after exercise.
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Endurox Post Workout Description

Training intensity matters, but what matters more is how completely you recover from your workout before getting back in the gym. It’s during the recovery phase after the workout is completed that the body builds muscle tissue and makes gains.

Endurox Post Workout Muscle Recovery continues to Provide More Glutamine, Better Glycogen Replenishment, 25% less sugar, and the optimized 4:1 carbohydrate/protein profile, but now includes whey and soy proteins. Endurox is the most complete post-workout formula on the market, designed for the most intense athletes who demand post-workout nutrition that covers all aspects of recovery.

These two proteins Improve Endurance, Reduce Muscle Damage, Increase Rehydration, and enhance the overall effectiveness of the Endurox Post Workout Muscle Recovery drink mix. Perfect for high-intensity exercise and exercise lasting more than an hour.

Give your body the nutrition it needs to power through the recovery phase and emerge stronger and in better condition than before.


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