Fluid Recovery | Post-Workout Powder, All Natural Ingredients, 1.66 LBS

  • MUSCLE MENDING POST-WORKOUT Fluid Recovery Replenishes Muscle Energy Levels.
  • RECOVER FASTER Repairs Damaged Muscle Tissue and aids in building New Lean Muscle.
  • BALANCED ELECTROLYTES The synergy of healthy all-natural ingredients, in a specific ratio to each other.
  • Helps manage inflammation, reducing aches, pains, and muscle soreness.
  • Fluid Recovery Provides electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat.
  • Supports a Stressed Immune System.
  • The timing of using Fluid in the “Recovery Window”, immediately after exercise.
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Fluid Recovery Post-Workout Description

Immediately after physical exercise, the doors of muscle cells that transport nutrients from the bloodstream open wide and multiply in number. This allows the body to absorb nutrients faster than at any other time, and repair itself at a highly accelerated speed. This sensitivity only lasts for a brief time, and then disappears until the next workout! When your muscles receive the right blend of natural ingredients at the right time, there’s no workout you can’t conquer.

Because the recovery window is very short, solid food intake is not recommended as it cannot be digested and absorbed in time for maximal recovery. For this reason, Fluid’s Recovery Formula is Designed to Absorb Quickly, avoid any digestive problems, and start the muscle recovery process immediately. Fluid Recovery formula is fortified with L-Glutamine, Highly Digestible Proteins, a Blend of Replenishing Carbs, and Electrolyte Minerals to kickstart the recovery process better than anything else.

When Fluid Recovery is taken immediately after exercise, you give your body the nutritional tools to recover faster and come back stronger, feeling more refreshed for your next training session. For best results, use within 30 minutes of training or competitive activity.

Container Size: 1.66 LBS – 16 Servings


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