G6 Sports Nutrition – Post Workout Formula, Complete Recovery, Watermelon

  • 11g BCAAs & EAAs, 20g Whey Protein, 1000mg Creatine MagnaPower.
  • Muscle Rebuilding – Helps to add more volume to muscles.
  • Complete Recovery Promotes Full-Body Post-Workout Recovery.
  • Superior Creatine and Glycogen Loader.
  • PERFECT HYDRATION SOLUTION Super-hydrates muscles for bigger gains in a solid mass.
  • Enhances Power and Strength, and Athletic Endurance.
  • NET WEIGHT: 907 Grams.
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G6 Sports Nutrition Complete Recovery Description

Immediately after the workout, the doors of muscle cells that transport nutrients from the bloodstream open wide and multiply in number. This allows the body to absorb nutrients faster than at any other time, and repair itself at a highly accelerated speed. This sensitivity only lasts for a brief time, and then disappears until the next workout!

G6 Sports Nutrition Post Workout Complete Recovery Formula helps to provide your muscles instant and complete recovery. Formulated With 20 Grams of Whey Protein Per Serving made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and muscle mass. Protein helps to build, maintain, and replace tissues in your body, so it is key to muscle building and recovery. G6 Post Workout Formula also Contains 11 Grams of BCCA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) that are the building blocks to protein and help increase muscle mass and aid in recovery.

After a workout, your muscle fibers break down and need to recover. BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) and EAAs (essential amino acids), help your muscles to recover faster, allow your muscles to repair, and help to combat muscle soreness and fatigue.

Your glycogen stores are also depleted after a workout and require carbohydrates to help your body replenish and combat fatigue. G6 Post Workout Complete Recovery Formula Contains 24 Grams of Unrefined Carbohydrates sourced from evaporated cane juice will facilitate the use of unrefined sugars for muscle recovery and prevent muscles from being broken down further as the source of energy for recovery.

G6 Sports Nutrition Post Workout Complete Recovery Formula Contains Creatine MagnaPower – the highest quality form of creatine that aids in the regeneration of ATP stores and helps refuel your muscles for optimal recovery and results without bloat or water retention.


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