ImmunPlex Whey Protein, Undenatured, by ProHealth, 2-Pack – 306 Grams

  • ImmunPlex Whey Protein Stimulate production of intracellular glutathione.
  • FAT-FREE UNDENATURED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Contains Many Proteins, Peptides, and Other Key Nutrients including alpha-lactalbumin serum, lactoferrin, and beta-lactoglobulin.
  • Top selling, highest quality undenatured whey.
  • Enhance the removal of toxic substances. Promotes Enhanced Immune Function and Energy.
  • SAFE FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANT INDIVIDUALS – Our unique Cross-Flow Microfiltration process carefully isolates undenatured whey, while leaving out fat, damaged proteins, and lactose.
  • ImmunPlex Whey Protein-NET WEIGHT: 306 Grams (2-Pack)
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ImmunPlex Whey Protein Description

ImmunPlex is an undenatured whey protein isolate that contains many proteins, peptides, and other key nutrients that promote enhanced immune function and energy Comforts Muscle and Joints, and Support the Elimination of Toxic Metals. ImmunPlex is a superior whey protein isolate with the highest levels of essential amino acids and immune-boosting nutrients. The super nutrients found in ImmunPlex include Provon 290 whey protein isolate with 51% Gamma-lactoglobulin, 23% alpha-lactalbumin, 18% glycomacropeptides, 5% bovine serum albumin and immunoglobulins, and 2% lactoferrin.

Undenatured whey protein promotes enhanced immune system activity and detoxification functions. The super nutrients found in ImmunPlex such as an alpha-lactalbumin serum, lactoferrin, and beta-lactoglobulin, are the building blocks of the body’s most potent immune cell protector, glutathione. Glutathione is a Powerful Antioxidant that is the cornerstone to healthy immune function. It protects the body by targeting and destroying reactive oxygen molecules and free radicals produced by the body’s metabolism and other outside stressors. It is found in high concentrations in the liver, where it serves to eliminate toxins and pollutants.

ImmunPlex Whey Protein utilizes an Exclusive Low-Heat Pasteurization Process to guarantee a purified and quality undenatured whey protein. This is important because any heat or change in pH can denature and alter the proteins making them less effective in producing glutathione. Our advanced processing ensures you receive only pure whey protein isolate for maximized glutathione production.

ImmunPlex Whey Protein is manufactured with an infused natural vanilla flavor to make this nutritious drink pleasant to the palette. For added convenience, ImmunPlex contains Lecithin, a useful compound that Makes the Mixture More Soluble and Easy to Prepare. ImmunPlex undenatured whey protein isolate does not contain any genetically modified ingredients or DNA and RNA derived from genetically modified organisms. The raw material is sourced from American cows that are certified BSE-free and do not utilize any animal derivatives.

Size:10.79 Ounce (Pack of 2)

ImmunPlex Whey Protein Suggested Use:
Mix 1 scoop (approx. 10.2 grams) with water or milk until powder is fully dispersed and drink once per day. For best results drink at least 30 minutes before eating in the morning.


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