MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla Snickerdoodle, 4 lbs

  • Each serving of MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein (1 scoop) provides 24g Protein: 8g Whey Protein Isolate, 7.5g Whey Protein Concentrate, 6g Milk Protein Isolate, 2.5g Egg White Protein 5.5g BCAAs.
  • Extended-Release Fast, Medium, and Slow Digesting Proteins.
  • Plus Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and Velositol.
  • Ultra-filtered Milk Protein Isolate and Egg Protein Isolate.
  • Keto Diet Friendly, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Great for Meal Replacement Shakes.
  • Regularly tested for banned substances and certified by Informed Choice and Kosher Check.
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MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein Description

MET-Rx revolutionized sports nutrition almost 30 years ago by introducing the original Metamyosyn Whey Protein formula which combines fast- and slow-acting proteins. MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein Powder was scientifically Designed To Support Muscle Mass Based On Metabolic Research. Now our re-engineered Metamyosyn Whey Protein features a blend of high-quality fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins for our most comprehensive muscle support to date. Our scientifically-designed blend Delivers 24g Of Protein from whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, and egg white protein. Milk protein provides a high concentration of casein to add slow-digesting protein to extend the delivery of amino acids to working muscles. Egg white protein adds medium-digesting protein for a complete and sustained amino acid delivery profile. This comprehensive amino acid delivery profile provides immediate and continued muscle support for optimal recovery. The High Concentration of BCAAs found in whey protein is rapidly delivered to muscle tissue to trigger muscle growth and renewal.

Our Metamyosyn Whey Protein blend is Enhanced With a Protein Utilization Matrix, designed to help your body get the most out of Metamyosyn Whey Protein. It features Velositol, a specialized form of chromium important for protein metabolism. Chromium is an essential trace mineral needed in the diet. Acute exercise can increase chromium losses, especially if dietary chromium intake is already low. Plus, the formula includes probiotics for the digestive system and Prohydrolase protein-digesting enzymes.

MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein Powder is Ideal Post-Workout to fuel muscle recovery and growth or can be taken in between meals to feed muscles and keep you in an anabolic state. Unlock the power of protein today with MET-Rx Metamyosyn Whey Protein Powder.

Flavor: Vanilla Snickerdoodle
Take one (1) rounded scoop (35.5 g), one to two times daily.

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