MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder, Banana, Pouch, Size: 2.2lbs

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  • MyProtein Impact Whey Protein – Grade A Labdoor ranking.
  • Contains 21g whey protein concentrate per serving to support muscle growth & recovery.
  • 4.5gram of BCAAs per serving.
  • 3.6gram of Glutamine per serving.
  • 80% protein content.
  • Highly Anabolic, fast-digesting whey protein concentrate.
  • Just over 1gram of fat per serving.
  • Low in carbohydrates, just over 1g per serving.
  • Flavor: Banana
  • MyProtein Impact Whey Protein – NET WEIGHT: 2.2lbs
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MyProtein Impact Whey Protein description

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein is produced using only Premium Grade Whey Protein Concentrate, delivering a massive 82% protein content.

Impact Whey Protein is best used where the speed of digestion is critical. Such times would include after a workout or else first thing in the morning.

If you’re looking for a premium quality whey protein powder that delivers exceptional value for money and incredible taste, look no further than Impact Whey Protein.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g Per Serving (25g)
Energy 1669 kJ/395 kcal 417 kJ/99 kcal
Fat 8.0 g 2.0 g
of which saturates 5.3 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 6.3 g 1.6 g
of which sugars 5.6 g 1.4 g
Fibre 3.1 g 0.8 g
Protein 73 g 18 g
Salt 0.25 g 0.06 g

Directions for MyProtein Impact Whey Protein
Add 150-250ml of water or milk into our shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add 1 MP large scoop (25g), shake and consume.

1 review for MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder, Banana, Pouch, Size: 2.2lbs

  1. Scot

    No matter what you are grading this product upon ingredient profile, taste, price, etc, this will be one of the top ones across any of those aspects. I would recommend MyProtein Impact Whey Protein to anyone involved in any sort of physical training, as it is good across the board. But beware to purchase real and genuine MyProtein Impact Whey Protein, as lots of fake protein powders appeared in last years and you can see many videos and articles about them (differentiating) on youtube.

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