NVIE L-Glutamine Powder – Unflavored – 400 Gram – 80 Servings

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Pure NVIE L-Glutamine Powder.
  • Supports Muscle Function and Recovery.
  • High-quality ingredient tested for purity and potency according to international standards.
  • Free-Form Amino Acid.
  • NVIE L-Glutamine Powder Enhanced growth and Muscle Recovery – 400g, 80 Servings.
  • L-GLUTAMINE POWDER Effectiveness– Take one scoop during your workout. For added benefit take an additional scoop before bed.
  • Prolong Intensity of Workouts- Replenishes the muscle glutamine pool, improving the body’s ability to withstand conditions of stress.
  • NVIE L-Glutamine Ultra Pure, No Fillers.
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NVIE L-Glutamine Description

Glutamine, one of the most abundant amino acids present in the human body, is found in most vital tissues like the mucosa of the intestine, the immune cells, muscles, and the brain, where it plays an important role in the building of muscles, the transport of nitrogen.

Professional Athletes and bodybuilders are in Constant Need of Glutamine. The Most Abundant Amino Acid In The Body Supports Muscle Repair And Recovery Supports Digestion and Gut Health. Glutamine is ideal for athletes, or anyone engaged in exercise, vegetarians, and individuals concerned about overall aging.

Glutamine is an essential amino acid used in the synthesis of protein that supports muscle production. During intensive training sessions, Glutamine levels are dramatically decreased which can cause catabolism and fatigue. Research has shown that healthy athletes taking a 2-gram dose of Glutamine showed a 440% Increase in Growth Hormone Within 90 Minutes.

Glutamine is critical for many body functions including regulating cellular metabolism and helping maintain healthy body acid balance.

NVIE L-Glutamine Powder is an amino acid dietary supplement that will help your body build muscles, promote immune health, optimize recovery, and minimize muscle breakdown (anti-catabolic).

NVIE L-Glutamine Powder Enhanced growth and Muscle Recovery – 400g, 80 Servings.


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