Organic Maca Root Extract – Testosterone Booster, 24 000mg

  • Supports Natural Testosterone Production. Increases Muscle Density and Endurance.
  • Selenium is basic preparation for the ovaries! Helps with better Coping With Physical and Mental Fatigue. Stimulates the regular function of the Immune System.
  • Two capsules of 500 mg. in a 30:1 ratio organically synthesized of Peruvian Yellow+Red+Black Maca Root extract is the absolute equivalent of 24 000 mg. This is the most powerful complex formula ever created!
  • High quality – FDA and GMP Certificates.
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Organic Maca Root Extract Description

Peruvian Maca Root extract Has Several Benefits For Our Body. It lowered blood glucose in a study of 197 adults.

Black Maca contains more concentrated nutrients and increased amounts of vitamins and minerals. Black Peruvian Maca root extract is often preferred and purchased by men.

Peruvian Black Maca Root supports enhanced potency & fertility, libido & sex drive, and supports strength, stamina & energy. Additionally, Peruvian Maca Root supports muscle building and athletic performance may support testosterone levels, and may support your mood.

Supports Testosterone Production.
Helps Enhance Libido & Sex Drive.
Supports Muscle Building & Athletic Performance.
Supports Strength, Stamina & Energy.

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: assembled in the USA in a cGMP/FDA registered facility with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of NusaPure.

No sugars, salts, starches, gluten, soy, or milk.

Organic Maca Root Extract – Testosterone Booster, 24 000mg


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