Paradise Protein & Greens – Original – 454 Grams – 15 Servings

  • Paradise Protein & Greens – 100% VEGAN: Synergistically Enhanced with Aminogen Enzyme Formula Proven to Increase Protein Digestibility and Amino Acid Absorption!
  • PROMOTES LEAN BODY MASS, Aid In Muscle Recovery, and provide less gas, bloating, and constipation.
  • OUR HERBS are always naturally grown or ethically wildcrafted without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or preservatives.
  • Plant-Based with No Animal Products.
  • 15 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables & Dietary Supplement.
  • Paradise Protein & Greens – Vegan Protein Powder 16 oz.
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Paradise Protein & Greens Description

Orac (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) energy protein and greens is the next generation of superfoods. Just One Serving Contains 22 Grams of Protein. The antioxidant power of over 15 servings of fruits and vegetables and a total Orac score of over 40. 000. It contains 100% natural non-GMO kosher and halal certified pea protein isolated without the use of chemical solvents and over 42 Certified Organic and Pesticide-Free Ingredients.

The essential amino acid profile of this pea protein is very close to that of the ideal protein. Other vegetarian sources such as rice or soy can lack in the percentage profile for certain essential amino acids. Pea protein is easily assimilated and has a sustained release transit time, which means it has excellent digestibility and keeps working.

Paradise Protein & Greens provide an all-natural alternative with maximum synergistic benefits. The active whole spectrum extracts Contain a Full Profile of Naturally Occurring Constituents and are extracted without the use of toxic solvents and/or harsh chemicals. This unique method captures the true essence of the whole herb while still retaining a highly active and bioavailable concentration of phyto nutrients. The herbs are always naturally grown or ethically wildcrafted without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Paradise Herbs & Essentials Inc. offer a premium line of supplements that retain the true essence and natural balance of nature in a form that is safe and effective for even the most sensitive of individuals.

Paradise Protein & Greens – Original – 454 Grams – 15 Servings


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