Purus Ketofeed Protein, Low Glycemic, Samoa Chocolate Cream,21.3 Oz

  • Purus Ketofeed Protein with Whey Protein Isolate and Healthy Fats.
  • Undenatured whey protein isolate provides lean, amino acid-rich fuel for your muscles. Rapidly Absorbed Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) Offer an Immediate Energy Source.
  • Ketofeed Low Glycemic Protein Powder is a macronutrient-dense, carbohydrate-free meal replacement engineered for the ketogenic dieter or anyone looking for a low glycemic, energy-dense protein.
  • Ketofeed Weight Management. Supports Brain Health. MCTs For Fuel. 20g fo Whey Isolate. 10g of Healthy Fats. Zero Net Carbs. Zero Dyes or Fillers. Low Glycemic Index.
  • Flavor: Samoa Chocolate Cream.
  • Container Size: 15 Servings.
  • Purus Ketofeed Protein – NET WEIGHT: 605 Grams
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Purus Ketofeed Protein Description

The Ketogenic diet should be easy to stick with, but in a carb-run world, things can get tricky. While everyone is different, we are all fundamentally very similar. Our bodies were not designed to run on carbohydrates as a primary food source, especially refined ones like sugar and flour. Instead, our bodies are genetically programmed to use fat and protein to get energy.

Purus Ketofeed Protein Powder Primary Ingredients:
Whey Protein Isolates generally have a higher percentage of pure protein. So pure, in fact, that they are almost completely void of carbohydrates and lactose. Thus, whey protein isolate won’t spike your blood sugar like other protein supplements but will provide that much-needed fuel to help you to build lean muscle and burn fat more efficiently.

MCT Fats or Medium-Chain Triglycerides are healthy fats from coconuts. MCTs, help to provide neural and physical energy by converting to ketones within the liver. They can also help you to feel full longer, and help whey protein to process more slowly, further lowering the chance of a blood sugar spike.

Purus Ketofeed Protein Powder Usage: Replace your shake with Ketofeed and literally see and feel the difference. Use it in your morning coffee as the “smarter” creamer. Blend it in a number of iced frappuccino combinations. Whip it into pudding, or even bake with it. However you decide to incorporate Ketofeed into your daily nutritional habits, we’re confident you’ll embrace the benefits our Founder, Brandon Smith has been enjoying for years.

Purus Ketofeed Protein, Low Glycemic, Samoa Chocolate Cream,21.3 Oz


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