SOURCE NATURALS Tonalin Cla 1000 Mg Soft Gel Supplement – 60 Count

  • Research has identified a polyunsaturated fatty acid from safflower oil that may positively influence body composition. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), found mainly in meat and dairy products.
  • Three 1000mg softgels of Source Naturals Tonalin CLA Provide Approximately the Same Amount of CLA as Five Pounds of Beef, or 45 one-ounce slices of processed American cheese, or almost a gallon of ice cream every day!
  • When taken in conjunction With a Healthy Diet and Exercise Plan, Body Fat May be Reduced.
  • For best results, use in conjunction with the included Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan.
  • A polyunsaturated fatty acid from safflower oil that may positively influence body composition.
  • Suggested daily use provides approximately the same amount of CLA as five pounds of beef.
  • Tonalin’s potential benefits are cited in U.S. patent 5,554,646, which states that CLA plays a role in reducing body fat and increasing body protein (muscle) in animals.
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SOURCE NATURALS Tonalin Cla Description

Through increasing the metabolic rate CLA may act to decrease our body fat percentage. CLA may effectively increase the muscle to fat ratio and act to enhance the growth of lean muscle mass. This is beneficial for several reasons- not only does an increase in muscle mass means to burn more calories without any effort, but it also means how many calories will be left.

As your energy levels go down, your metabolism slows down too to conserve as much energy as possible for vital functions. CLA may decrease feelings of hunger and increase feelings of fullness. CLA Helps in Preserving Muscle Mass While Increasing Your Body’s Metabolism. This increased metabolism increases your energy levels and your body’s ability to burn calories.

CLA can be found in many commonly consumed foods- in particular animal products including meat and dairy products. However, to achieve all the benefits of CLA the amount consumed through diet alone isn’t always enough- that’s where TONALIN CLA capsules can be added to your diet plan and training regime.

TONALIN CLA is a fatty acid derived from safflower oil. Preliminary studies have shown that that CLA may Play a Role in Reducing Body Fat and Increasing Body Protein (Muscle). When taken in conjunction with the Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan, body fat may be reduced.
Tonalin Cla is an exclusively licensed product of BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH.

SOURCE NATURALS Tonalin Cla Suggested Use: 3 softgels daily with meals.


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