Universal Torrent | All-In-One Post Workout Nutrition, 3.26Lb

  • Universal Torrent is Designed to Maximize Nutrient Uptake following intense training.
  • Postworkout Lean Mass Accelerator.
  • Complete Nutrition Following Training.
  • Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Compounds.
  • Universal Torrent All-In-One Post Workout Nutrition Packed With Easily Absorbed Hydro Whey and Free Form Amino Acids.
  • A full daily dose of Three Forms of Creatine.
  • Loaded with leucine to trigger the Anabolic Growth Response.
  • Supercharged carb complex to spike insulin, transfer nutrients and replace glycogen.
  • Refreshing Green Apple Avalanche flavor.
  • Universal Torrent NET WEIGHT: 3.26Lb
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Universal Torrent Description

After a hard workout, your muscle is torn down, glycogen is depleted and your body enters a damaging catabolic state. When consumed immediately post-training, Torrent’s Unique Blend of Muscle Mass Activators rushes to bring your body back into anabolic “green light” status, quickly repairing damaged muscle fibers while triggering fresh growth. Properly utilizing this time is vital for inducing overall muscle mass activation. Universal Torrent formula is Designed to Maximize the Anabolic “Window of Opportunity” that exists after a hard training session.

All-In-One Post Workout Supplement Torrent is Loaded With Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, which consists of small whey peptides that can be quickly digested and absorbed. Torrent also contains a specialized Osmosulin Matrix of Carbohydrates that allows for quick glycogen replenishment and fast absorption of muscle-nourishing nutrients. Torrent contains Free Form Amino Acids and 3Grams of Creatine including creatine ethyl ester (CEE) and magnesium creatine chelate (MCC). Torrent from Universal is designed to maximize nutrient uptake following intense training. Refreshing Green Apple Avalanche flavor.

Universal Torrent Directions:
For use as a dietary supplement, take one serving of Torrent within 30 minutes of your workout. Mix 3 heaping scoops along with 20 oz. of cold liquid. For best results consume after each workout.

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