Vitacost ARO Diet Shake Mix, Lean Series, Angel Food Cake – 2.21 lbs

  • 24 grams of high-quality protein to maintain and increase lean muscle mass.
  • Enriched with 25 Vitamins & Minerals.
  • With 5 Grams of Fiber + Omega-3 EFAs.
  • ARO Diet Shake Mix Only 190 Calories.
  • Versatile amino acid profile.
  • Fuels the development of muscle mass, strength and improves lean muscle tone. Works great as a pre or post-workout protein boost for your fitness program. Kick starts muscle recovery for men and women when consumed before or after exercise.
  • Can be used as a meal replacement while also providing essential nutrients.
  • Full-bodied smooth and creamy shake sensation that actually tastes good.
  • Satisfyingly filling with dessert-worthy flavor.
  • No blender needed – enjoy at home or on the go!
  • Flavor: Angel Food Cake.
  • Vitacost ARO Diet Shake Mix – NET WEIGHT: 2.21 lbs
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Vitacost ARO Diet Shake Mix Description

Look out for Lean—ARO Diet Shake Mix. For calorie cutters, protein seekers, on-the-go eaters, or anyone looking for a satisfying meal replacement drink that not only squashes hunger but makes meal-time on a restricted diet enjoyable, ARO Lean is the shake mix you’ve been missing. If you liked Walker Diet, you’re going to love ARO Diet Shake Mix! Only 190 Calories  – 24 Grams of High-Quality Protein to Support Weight Loss – Satisfyingly filling with dessert-worthy flavor enriched with 25 vitamins & minerals with 5 grams of fiber + omega-3 EFAsNo blender needed to enjoy at home or on the go! Stir two scoops into a glass of chilled water (no blender required!) and drink down a frothy, dreamy shake that delivers a dessert-like taste and the perfect blend of nutrients to support your slim-down efforts while keeping you well-nourished along the way.

25 Vitamins & Minerals – Don’t sacrifice proper nutrition with run-of-the-mill, low-calorie meal replacement drinks. ARO Diet Shake Mix is expertly blended with the building blocks your body needs for proper function, especially when it’s on a weight-loss mission—including 100% of the recommended daily value for 13 essential vitamins!

5 Grams of Fiber – Hunger hinders when meal portions are reduced as part of a weight-loss plan. Feel fuller longer with an ARO Diet Shake Mix, fortified with 5 grams of appetite-appeasing oat fiber to help keep mindless munching to a minimum between meals.

Vitacost ARO Diet Shake Mix, Lean Series, Angel Food Cake – 2.21 lbs


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